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Can I come and try first?
If you would like to come and try the choir to see how you enjoy it first, you are more than welcome to. You can come 2-3 times before you would need to join.

If you would like to come & try please contact the membership officer at so they now to expect you.

We rehearse every thursday at Royal Park Hall, North perth 7.00pm to 9.15pm.

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Who will I meet?
On arrival, ask for the Membership Officer. They’ll welcome you and help you work out where you should start. Rehearsals are led by our Musical Director, Mirelle Hopwood, and our accompanist is Sammy MacSweeney. You can read about them on our website (You can find full links at the end of this document).

You’ll be introduced to some of your new choir mates, and they’ll assist you as you get used to singing in the Choir.

Which part/section should I join?
If you are unsure which section of the choir to sing in, the parts (from highest voices to lowest) are Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass.  Don’t be afraid to try different sections of the Choir to see where your voice best fits. If you are really not sure which part to sing, then speak with the Musical Director.

Yes, I want to become a member!!
When you decide to join the Choir, you will need to;
  1. Click on the link 
  2. Fill in the form which will be forwarded to our membership officer who will be in touch with log on information for our members area.
  3. Pay the applicable Term Fee ($240 full or $170 concessional) by electronic funds transfer.
  4. Our bank details:
    ​Account name: Perth Pride Choir Inc.
          BSB: 036078
          Acct#: 536299

NB Please note a consessional is any one with a health care card, on a pension or a fulltime student.)

Membership for under 18’s
Perth Pride Choir is an adult choir and we do not have capacity to include under 15’s in our membership. Those aged 15 to 18 may attend and become members if they always have an adult in attendance – parent, support worker or guardian. This person/persons must take the following steps:
  • Provide full contact details to the Membership Officer, and if employed by an agency, provide agency details.
  • Ensure that they have current ‘Working with Children’ clearance if required.
  • Accompany the minor to all rehearsals and choir events. Note that some events may be in public places where under 18’s are not permitted.
  • Ensure that they have appropriate insurances in place to cover attendance at Perth Pride Choir.
The parent/guardian/carer is not required to become an ‘Ordinary member’ of the choir however may choose to do so. If they become a member of the Choir and participate in events as long as this does not impact on their ability to support the attendance of the minor.
Please note that all applications for membership are to be approved by the Committee and that in some cases additional information may be required from potential members/ parents/guardians/carers to assist with this decision.

Your privacy is important to us. Read our Privacy Policy.
Any Queries about Membership please contact our membership Officer at
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