Singing For Our True Heart

This project celebrated the Choir’s 25th years birthday by collecting the heartfelt stories of personal struggle and triumph of some of our singers. This has resulted in the 9-minute film Singing for our True Heart and a series of 16 portraits and stories which you can read here.

If you are interested in screening the film, email We hope the film reaches a broader audience through Film Festivals and special events.

The Choir would love to move this project to the next stage, so get in touch if you can help!

Singing For Our True Heart is proudly supported by the ANZ and Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Community Grants Program and the City of Vincent.

    Picture   Picture   Picture   Picture   Picture      
                  ALEX                                   CAROLE                                      CHRIS                                   CLAIRE                                        DEB                                      DENNIS     

Picture    Picture   Picture   Picture   Picture   Picture
                 FRAN                                       GERI                                         JACK                                     JACKIE                                      JANIS                               JEANNETTE

Picture.   Picture.  Picture   Picture
                   JOE                                        JUNE                                    KARRON                                     LIZ

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